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Society AGM 2017

Date: 16/6/2017

The Society Annual General Meeting was held in Milton Keynes on 16th June 2017.

  • Minutes of last year's AGM
  • President's Report - Anna RoseAnna Rose_AGM17.jpg
  • Report of the Chair of POS Enterprises Ltd
  • Appointment of Officers and Directors for 2017-18
    • President - Steve Ingram, South Kesteven DC
    • Senior Vice-President - Paul Seddon, Nottingham City C
    • Junior Vice-President - Sarah Platts, Kent CC
    • POS Chair - Mike Miely,
    • Treasurer - Graham Jones, Jones & Jones Planning
    • Other Board members - to be determined by the Board
  • What do you want from your Society - an open discussion plus a preview of the early results from the recent Society survey
  • Any Other Business- none
  • Inauguration of President for 2017-18 AGM17_handover.jpg Anna Rose hands over to Steve Ingram
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