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Spring Conference June 2017

Date: 15/6/2017

The Society's Spring Conference 2017 was held at Milton Keynes on 15th and 16th June.

  • 15th June
    • Welcome - Carole Mills, Chief Executive, Milton Keynes Council Carole Mills_SpringCon17.jpg
    • Introduction - Anna Rose, President of POS and Milton Keynes Council  Anna Rose_SpringConf17.jpg
    • Milton Keynes-the first 100 years - Lee Shostak OBE, Chair, Sapiency presentation Lee Shostak_SpringConf17.jpg
    • Designing places to live -  Will Cousins, David Lock Associates presentation Will Cousins_SpringConf17.jpg
    • Lewis Herbert_SpringConf17.jpgDevolution and the return of strategic planning-sustainable growth in Greater Cambridge and Cambridgeshire - Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader, Cambridge City Council & Director of Planning Skills, Anglia Ruskin University presentation
    • Catriona Riddell_SpringConf17.jpgStrategic planning - what goes around comes around! - Catriona Riddell, Catriona Riddell Associates and POSe Associate presentation
    • Afternoon Study Tour - Modern Heritage in Central Milton Keynes Led by Neil Sainsbury, Milton Keynes Council- presentation followed by a walking tour outlining the Council's work to balance the need to protect the modern heritage whilst at the same time allowing the City to evolve and grow. MK1_SpringConf17.jpg MK2_Spring Conf17.jpgMK3_SpringConf17.jpg
           MK4_SpringConf17.jpg MK5_SpringConf17.jpg
    • Conference Dinner, Guest speaker-Kate Henderson, Town & Country Planning Association
  • 16th June
    • Welcome - Anna Rose, President of POS and Milton Keynes Council Anna Rose2_SpringConf17.jpg
    • Planning update from DCLG - David Waterhouse, Planning Policy & Reform,Communities & Local Government presentation David Waterhouse_SpringConf17.jpg
    • What next for local plans? - Matthew Spry, Lichfields presentation Matthew Spry_SpringConf17.jpg
    • The cost of development - Graham Jones, Jones & Jones Planning and POSe Associate presentation Graham Jones_SpringConf17.jpg
    • Delays and the likely success of the delivery test - David Bainbridge, Bidwells presentation David Bainbridge_SpringConf17.jpg
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  • See separate page for details of the AGM
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