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2012 Messages

Date: 15/12/2011

Here are an assortment of festive and pensive messages from several past Society Presidents, many in Tweet format; suggested at the annual meeting of Past Presidents.

  • Stephen Tapper, Immediate Past Presdent 2010/11

Like me, are you looking forward to the tradition of a three hour stint with the family around the Monopoly board this Picklemas? Hmm, well, no more fantasy games for my lot - do a Monopoly reality check like mine and bring it bang up to date...

For starters, I have cleared all the properties off the board. The banker won't release the money to buy them, so what's the point? For the same reason, there is no need for houses and hotels - well maybe the hotels are OK if they offer rooms for less than forty quid.

And there will be no money for passing GO, because a lot of us are out of work and it wouldn't be fair. And definitely nothing for the community chest, because we aren't building, so there is no Section 106.

So that leaves the banker with a tidy stack, which is the way the world is. Game over in ten minutes, and back to the settee with a blu-ray and a brandy.

I know the family will appreciate this...and a Happy Picklemas to you and yours... 

  • David Hackforth, Past President 2009/10


  • Phil Kirby, Past President 2008/09

Grasp the opportunity, seize the initiative, demonstrate that planners can deliver. Improve peoples lives.

  • John Silvester, Past President 2002/03

Need a driving force to help you improve people's quality of life? What can make a positive contribution, helping you find the answers? POS is it!

  • James Russell, Past President 2001/02

The duty to co-operate is the single most vital part of the Localism Act / NPPF, enabling the combination of the best of localism and the best of strategy. So, go forth and co-operate!

  • Keith Hamilton, Past President 1999/2000

Past Presidents table, found POS thriving, punching above its weight, membership growing, DCLG anxious for input, but where are the women? [Ed. apologies to Gill Gowing who was sat at the back]

 City of London-20111118-00195.jpg POS Past Presidents ponder 2012

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