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Annual Review: 2011

Date: 6/1/2012

2011 was an activity-packed year for the Planning Officers Society. Here is a review of just some of the highlights of the Society year:

  • POS joined forces with a team from DCLG led by Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation, to discuss the implications and to answer questions on the details of the Localism Bill at a one day event in central London on 24th January. >> read more
  • Oral evidence to the House of Commons enquiry on the Localism Bill was made by the President, supported by Nicky Linihan, on 27th January >> see the webcast
  • On 9th February the Society submitted its written response to the Commons Select Committee on the Localism Bill >> read more
  • The Society, represented by the President, gave evidence on neighbourhood planning to the Land and Society Commission's enquiry on 15th February
  • The Society responded on 18th March to the consultation on the need for Pre-application Consultation with Communities >> read more 
  • On 24th March POS was quick off the mark in responding to the Chancellor's Budget proposals for planning and housing >> read the media release
  • A new POS Advice Note for Society Members-only was published on 14th April regarding s106 Obligations and CIL >> read more
  • On 19th April POS submitted its response to the review of statutory duties imposed on local authorities >> read more
  • The President, Stephen Tapper, sat on a Q&A panel of three at the British Property Federation conference - the lone LA rep in the room.
  • POS commented on 17th March on the proposed introduction of 'local finance considerations' as a material consideration >> read the media release 
  • On 6th June the Society hosted its Spring Conference on "Moving Localism Forward" with  a team of speakers from across the planning and development industry >> read more 
  • The Society AGM was held on 17th June in Bristol, Mike Holmes was elected President for 2011/12 >> read more
  • POS submitted its initial comments on the Practitioners Advisory Group's draft National Planning Policy Framework >> read more
  • The Society on 5th July submitted its response on the consultation on the proposed relaxation of the planning rules for change of use from business to residential >> read more
  • On 26th July POS drew upon existing evidence from authorities both in favour and against the proposal to inform the Society's position on the consultation on High Speed Rail - Investing in Britain's Future >> read more
  • On 26th September, as part of DCLG's ongoing engagement they arranged, with the Planning Officers Society, a specific event, chaired by the President, to bring together over 130 planners from across England to discuss the draft National Planning Policy Framework >> read the key points of the POS resposne to the NPPF
  • The President spoke on "After the Cuts" at the Planning Summer School in Swansea >> see Mike's presentation
  • The Society's final response on the draft NPPF was submitted on 13th October >> read the response
  • POS appears on facebook >> access it here
  • The Society, represented by the President and Stuart Hylton, gave oral evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee on the NPPF >> see and hear the session
  • On 17th October the Society published on 26th October updated practical advice on CIL and infrastructure planning for its members  >> access the Members-only library
  • On 27th October the Society e-bulletin was sent to a record number of 1365 members >> read the bulletin
  • On 8th November the President gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Culture, Media & Sport Committee on Gambling >> read the transcript
  • Twelve Past Presidents of the Society and the current President, met in Leadenhall Market, London on 18th November in a private upper dining room to discuss planning things past, present and future >> read the messages for 2012 
  • POS commented on 13th December on Mary Portas's Review of the High Street >> read more
  • POS, in keeping up with the times, now also appears on Linkedin and twitter

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