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Changing Places Initiative

Date: 7/1/2013

The Society is supporting the Changing Places Initiative.

  • Changing Places Toilets (CPTs) are facilities specially designed to accommodate the changing needs of people, particularly adults, with severe disabilities.
  • Standard disabled persons toilets do not meet the needs of all disabled persons, families and carers; over 250,00 severely disabled persons, families, carers have this need and as yet there are fewer than 400 CPTs in the UK (306 in England, 64 in Scotland, 15 in Wales and 8 in NI).
  • New CPTs should conform to BS8300 to include adult size height adjustable changing bench and be a minimum12m2
  • CPTs should be located in all big public places; e.g. city centres, shopping centres, sports venues, hospitals, motorway service stations, leisure complexes, large railway stations - in addition to standard disabled toilets. Examples of provision include Nottingham city centre market place, Westfield shopping centre, Birmingham Airport, Eden Project, Marwell Zoo.
  • Future provision planned includes Heathrow, Gatwick, Kings Cross, Paddington, Birmingham New St.
  • Further information including case studies can be found at

POS is a partner in the DCLG Changing Places Group, chaired by Sir William Lawrence, and is intending to prepare a good practice note on Changing Places toliet provision.

  • do you have one, or more, in your area? if so, please let John Silvester know of its location to assist with the national mapping project to highlight gaps in provision
  • have you been influential in the provision of a CPT and would be willing to contribute to a good practice note? If so, please let John Silvester know

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