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Mediation in Planning - briefing note

Date: 8/9/2010

Mediation in Planning can be a cost effective way of resolving disputes with the help of an independent third party.  It incorporates third party rights and satisfies public requirements for transparency.  Many of these features fit well with the emerging coalition government's 'localism' agenda.

A study and report on Mediation in Planning was commissioned by the National Planning Forum and the Planning Inspectorate in 2009.  It was prompted by the Killian-Pretty recommendation urging an investigation into the use of alternative dispute resolution at all stages in the planning process.  A POS representative participated in the Project Steering Group, along side representatives from RTPI, RICS, LGA, PAS and the legal and development industry. 

The project sought to demonstrate the value of mediation in planning by undertaking and evaluating 5 'live' case studies involving enforcement, an Area Action Plan and a major development.  The cases were selected from a long list of candidate cases suggested by POS members.  POS Secretariat assisted in carrying out an opinion survey of POS members providing some contextual evidence for the study. 


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