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POS UPDATE June 2009

Date: 2/7/2009



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LDF Climate Change Guide

The South East Partnership Board (formally SEERA) has produced a guide to help local authority planners in the South East incorporate the climate change mitigation and adaptation elements of the South East Plan into their LDFs. However, the guide is likely to be useful to planners elsewhere. It is based around the various stages of plan preparation so that it is possible for it to be used at any point in the planning process and is intended to help planners:

  • Utilise existing sources of information and guidance                                             
  • Identify who they should be engaging with at each stage of the planning process
  • Understand and interpret national and regional policy
  • Develop their LDF evidence base to establish an understanding of the main climate change issues
  • Consider how their area should mitigate and adapt to climate change in the future.

The guide is a web based resource that will be periodically reviewed and updated to help planners stay abreast of new policy and guidance. A copy of the guide can be downloaded from

The Guide highlights the need to establish an understanding of future issues, problems and challenges and the Partnership Board has produced a Local Authority Carbon Trajectory Tool to assist local authorities with predictions about their future carbon dioxide emissions. The Tool is based on the Regional Carbon Trajectories Model and is aligned with the DECC estimates of carbon dioxide emissions that will be used to monitor performance against National Indicator 186. The tool allows local data and assumptions to be fed in and a user manual has been published alongside the tool. The Local Authority Carbon Trajectory Tool and user manual can also be downloaded from

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