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Date: 25/9/2009


1   Spatial Plans Latest

New Forest Core Strategy Found Sound

The core strategy, which covers the parts of New Forest District outside the National Park, and provides the planning strategy for the area up to 2026, was subject to a public examination over the spring and summer. Inspector, Michael Hetherington has now endorsed the strategy, subject to a few changes.

Hetherington's report supports the council's approach to new housing and employment development, and measures proposed by the council to provide at least 100 new affordable homes a year to address the local need for more affordable housing.The inspector ruled out suggestions by supermarket chain Lidl that there should be a regional distribution depot on the edge of the National Park at Ower, and he has also not included a policy for port development at Dibden Bay. He also strengthened the policy approach to development and flood risk, in line with PPS25.

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Plan Making Support

PAS have refreshed their range of plan making support materials and made them available for download and direct delivery. More than 200 pieces of plan making support have been delivered to a restricted group of councils across England since 2006; as of September 2009, this support is available to all English planning authorities at subsidised rates. For details go to

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