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President's Piece January 2016

Date: 29/1/2016

"So Planners, the New Year is away and I trust you enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable festive break, making New Year resolutions to deliver your local plan, get that development application processed in time or CIL charging regime adopted. Fresh challenges ahead and exciting New Year intentions to implement. So, what is POS doing? Firstly, we are keeping ahead of the relentless devolution legislation and responding daily to the Housing & Planning Bill as it passes through its parliamentary passages. We are all waiting in anticipation for the detailed Regulations to the Bill as the devil is always in....

All this came to a head and thorough debate at last Friday's POS Forum that took place in the City of London Marketing Suite. If you missed it, it was an opportunity to air concerns and feelings about the legislative reform agenda and fundamental changes to the Planning system nationwide. You can see our representations to the House of Lords on the website.

Also, we enter the 2016 conference season and a joint event with the British Property Federation and POS is being lined up in March where we can get a collective view of the private and public sectors to the planning changes - see the website.

 My first New Year interview was to comment upon the H&P Bill's clause to allow designated persons to process planning applications. Well, that goes to the heart of public sector planning, professionalism and objectivity in local government planning decision making. You couldn't make it up!"

StewartMurray_Pres_web.jpgStewart Murray, President 2015/16


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