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Presidents Piece June 2015

Date: 26/6/2015

New POS President Stewart Murray has posted the first blog of his Presidential year.

"I was honoured to inherit the POS presidency last week from a fantastic previous President, David Evans who performed an outstanding role for an exciting year.

I would like to build on the strengths and objectives that David and the POS Team achieved last year. We face new year challenges and exciting opportunities with a new ambitious Government set on a radical reform agenda.

My mission and aim is to elevate public sector planning as a positive force for change and delivery that influences this new Government to secure the best planning outcomes for localities.

I also wish to see the ideas and ambitions of POS Novus and Young Planners being fully realised and a greater force within POS over the coming year."

StewartMurray_Pres_web.jpgStewart Murray, President 2015/16

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