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Security Shutters Offering a Different Approach

Date: 29/9/2011

POS is pleased to endorse this commercial undertaking

With the recent riots bringing the issue of commercial security into the main stream many view points have been put forward about the use of security shutters. As a manufacturer of security shutters we would like to offer some alternative ways forward with this controversial issue which we hope will appeal to all sides.

With the streets awash with looting and vandalism a cry was put out that business owners should have the right to protect their property. In fact the DCLG Chief Planner Steve Quartermain wrote to local councils urging them to speed through planning applications on rebuilding work and new security shutters which was met with rejoice from the shop owners. However his letter also insists upon "ensuring that a balance is struck between security and protecting the look and character of our high street" So where do we go from here? Business owner and insurance companies are insisting on using shutters to protect their property but as a planning officer you have an obligation to keep the high street an inviting and welcoming place to be day and night.

As the leading manufacturer in physical security and with many of our products reaching the Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1 standard SWS UK are ideally placed to help with this situation and with over 26 years of experience in this field we can be the place you turn to. Let us help take the guess work and the hard work out of your hands.

Firstly let us introduce to you some alternative options for commercial security. We think these will tick the boxes with the retailers and the insurance companies whilst still allowing the high street to be a welcoming place.

  •  Retractable Security Gates: A simple and cost effective solution our retractable gates fit within the shop window and retract fully when not in use. Our Seceuroguard 1001 has been tested by the LPCB to Level 1 and is also on the Secure By Design Police Preferred Specification scheme.
  • Security Shutters with Vision: A shutter doesn't have to conform to the obtrusive and oppressive stereo type. When vision is added through perforations the shutter lets light through and allows the high street to be secure whilst still protecting the look and character. As with our retractable gates the 7501 range of commercial shutters have been awarded LPCB Level 1 and Secure By Design status so creating the perfect balance between the needs of the retailer and local authority.
  • Security Shutter with Branding: Available in any colour to suit the area, brand or premises, our Seceuro 3801 shutters can not only be colour co-ordinator to fit in with their surroundings they can also be printed on to make the area come alive even when the premises are closed. Whether an advertising message is used or an image of the inside of the shop on the outside this is an option that allows for great versatility and again provides a LPCB and Secure By Design certified product to be fitted whilst still considering the local area.

 These are just a few options that we hope give you a flavour of the alternatives available and we would be more than happy to offer advise and guidance on any projects through out the UK.

If you require further information please visit or contact and we will be happy to help. 

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