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Update 10/13

Date: 18/10/2013

The monthly e-bulletin for October 2013 sent to all 1756 POS members is now available for general viewing: click here


... Breaking News ....

.... Nick Boles has said that recently published statistics by DCLG "show this government's new, simpler planning system is supporting the construction industry to get Britain building the homes the next generation needs, while conserving our countryside." 

It seems that In the year ending June 2013, district level planning authorities decided 2% more residential decisions and 14% more major residential decisions. >> read more

Meanwhile, Eric Pickles has suggested that he will turn the UK into a "nation of self-builders" by offering subsidies and tax breaks to people who create their own home. The UK must rival countries like Austria, Belgium and Sweden, which "reward" people who choose to build their own property, Pickles said. Ministers want one in five homes built in the coming years to be self-build projects, up from one in ten. 

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