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Update 6/14

Date: 27/6/2014

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Breaking News ...

... the Government wants homes built on brownfield sites, says the Chancellor in a Mansion House speech. 

Councils will be expected to bring forward local development orders so thousands of new homes can be built on unused and previously-developed land, under the latest Government plans.

"Councils will be required to put local development orders on over 90 per cent of brownfield sites that are suitable for housing," said Osborne. "This urban planning revolution will mean that in effect development on these sites will be pre-approved - local authorities will be able to specify the type of housing, not whether there is housing. And it will mean planning permission for up to 200,000 new homes - while at the same time protecting our green spaces".

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: "We're determined to make the very best use of derelict land and former industrial sites to provide the homes this country desperately needs in a way that protects our valued countryside."

Ministers have stressed that key safeguards will remain in place - as with any planning application councils will need to take account of the views of local people and the housing needs of their communities.

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