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Update July 2015

Date: 21/7/2015

The POS e-bulletin to members issued on 21st July is now available


Breaking News ...

... the Treasury's new Productivity Plan incorporates a number of measures affecting planning:

  • Sites iidentified in statutory registers of brownfield land suitable for housing will effectively  automatically be given planning permission >> read our news release

  • The government intends to strengthen the Localism Act's duty to cooperate and will intervene if councils fail to produce local plans by a "set deadline" >> read our news release

  • Major infrastructure projects 'with an element of housing' will be allowed to apply via the NSIP regime

  • The government will 'tighten the planning performance regime' and extend the prospect of special measures to councils that fail to decide on minor applications within prescribed timescales. 

  • The government does not intend to proceed with zero carbon provisions >> read more

  • The government will "work with mayors in London and across the country to use new powers in the Devolution Bill to use development corporations to deliver higher-density development in designated areas". The government will consider "how policy can support higher density housing around key commuter hubs. The government will also consider how national policy and guidance can ensure that unneeded commercial land can be released for housing".
  • There is to be a new "dispute resolution mechanism" for s106 agreements, "to speed up negotiations and allow housing starts to proceed more quickly".
  • The government proposes to extend permitted development rights to taller mobile masts in both protected and non-protected areas in England.
 >> read the Treasury's Productivity Plan in full

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