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Uptake of SuDS Survey

Date: 26/2/2012

The Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) of the Committee on Climate Change is an independent expert body set up to report to Parliament on the progress being made to prepare the UK for a changing climate.  The ASC is currently assessing how well the UK is preparing for flood risk in a changing climate and will report in July (2012).

The uptake of SuDS and property-level flood resistance and resilience (R&R) measures are recognised as important adaptation measures.   The ASC is keen to understand the current level of uptake of these measures in new development and redevelopment.  However, there is limited available data to robustly make this estimate.

HR Wallingford is undertaking this project on behalf of the ASC and has produced a short (2-side) questionnaire for local planning authorities, as they are the best-placed organisations to understand current uptake of SUDSs and property-level R&R measures.  We would be extremely grateful if you could spare the time to complete the questionnaire.  The information you provide can help to prepare a much needed baseline that can strengthen future policy-making.  It is also an opportunity to show-case your authority's work in this area, as the ASC's report will have a national profile.

Download the questionnaire to respond by 2nd March 2012

If you have any technical queries on the questionnaire, please contact Bridget Woods Ballard on  07788 743989,  If you would like to discuss the ASC's assessment, then please contact David Thompson on 0207 591 6249,


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