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Planning Policies for Sustainable Buildings - Guidance for LDFs

Date: 27/10/2006

This 2006 Guide provides a set of suggestions and guidance which reflects (then) emerging and current good practice. POS encouraged local planning authorities to use them as a common starting point, adapting them according to the local and regional context. This was intended to help to deliver key policy objectives in areas such as energy, water and the use of materials.

Local planning authorities want to make a difference and help to ensure that all new buildings reach a higher standard of sustainability. In this important guidance, it was set out how local planning authorities could take a lead - by defining levels of performance that reflect local issues and priorities.

The document is simple and practical, and well-founded on (then) current understanding of what is achievable and affordable. POS looked forward to all local planning authorities implementing more explicit planning requirements that will be effective in delivering good practice.

Best Practice Note endorsed by POS, Planning Advisory Service, Local Government Association, Enfield LBC, Constructing Excellence in the Built Environment, WRAP; October 2006 - download a copy 

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