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Sustainable Design and Construction

Date: 13/9/2012

A cross-sector group of organisations concerned with planning and the built environment, led by BRE and including POS, has published good practice guidance on sustainable design and construction, to support the National Planning Policy Framework's aim to contribute to achieving sustainable development. Sustainable buildings are essential to this aim.

The guidance sets out the importance ofsustainable design and construction to the UK economy, noting that it is a sector that has grown while the rest of the economy has been languishing. It is also of major and growing importance in terms of exports.The guidance explains how standards such as the Code for Sustainable Homes cover a wider range of issues than Building Regulations, and can help to drive innovation and change in the supply chain. By doing so, they help to support the UK's international competitiveness.The guidance gives practical help to local planning authorities and others involved with the planning process on developing policies on sustainable design and construction. The guidance cannot cover all planning policy issues that have a bearing on sustainable design and construction. Some of this material, including flood risk, is dealt with in the Technical Guidance to the National Planning Policy Framework. It should also be considered alongside other guidance available on climate change, green infrastructure and the natural environment.

The guidance also contains suggestionsas to how such policies may be implemented through the management of development. Since schemes such as the Code are evaluated by independent licensed assessors, required standards can be achieved without placing additional demands on local authority resources.

The publication follows the Government'sacknowledgement that guidance tounderpin the National Planning PolicyFramework may be best provided by suchcross-sector groupings.

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