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Getting Started with Neighbourhood Planning

Date: 14/3/2011

This advice note is intended for local planning authorities. It aims to assist them in getting an early fix on the principles of neighbourhood plan production, and help them carry outproductive early discussions with potential promoters of such plans. The main focus is on neighbourhood plans, though neighbourhood development orders are touched on.

The Localism Bill sets out the broad architecture of the neighbourhood planning system, and the principles are unlikely to change. However, some of the detail may change as the Bill progresses through Parliament, and the detailed procedures for neighbourhood plan preparation emerge in Regulations and perhaps policy guidance. In particular, during the Commons Committee stage on the Bill, Greg Clark undertook to consider a number of matters and bring proposals back to the House, including the roles of local councillors and business.

It is anticipated that planning authorities will not want to wait until the details of the neighbourhood planning system are finalised before beginning to engage with their communities.

This advice note provides some practical advice and ideas on how authorities might go about these matters: click here

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