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Guidance on Chargeable Site Monitoring

Date: 2/4/2012

Guidance on Best Practice for Chargeable Site Monitoring

On 6th April, 2006 regulations came into force in England to allow mineral and waste planning authorities to charge a fee to mineral and waste operators to visit a site and carry out a site visit to monitor compliance with the planning permissions. A separate and similar regime came into force in Wales on 6th April, 2006. The objective of introducing these fees is to ensure that the planning permissions are monitored in accordance with good practice.

The purpose of this report is to provide advice and an example of good practice in the monitoring of sites to local planning authorities and operators. The regulations introduce fees for site visits to monitor minerals and landfill waste permissions. The reason that the regulations came in to force is that mineral and landfill operations involve a continuous process of development, sometimes over many years and even decades in accordance with mineral and landfill waste permissions. These permissions are subject to complex and technical planning conditions to mitigate the physical environmental impact of mineral and waste working.

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