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Planning Post RSS Revocation - an advice note

Date: 18/3/2011

The Society has now revised its earlier advice note on planning post regional strategy revocation to reflect the Cala Homes decision and progress on the Localism Bill. 

It stresses the desirability of authorities providing a clear wider than local context for their development plans and suggests this can be set out through a "local policy statement", developed in discussions with neighbouring authorities.

The advice note goes on to offer suggestions on how authorities might go about setting their own housing targets and progressing their plans, pending the actual revocation of regional strategies when the Bill is enacted.

The updated advice note is available: click here


ARTICLE 13/10/2010

The revocation of regional spatial strategies by the new Government has applied the principle of localism by giving planning authorities the freedom and opportunity to set their own strategy and targets for their area.  Every freedom is of course accompanied by responsibilities, and the Chief Planner's letter of 6 July 2010 makes it clear that authorities will need to present evidence to support their plans which will be tested at examination.  Authorities may decide to continue to work to the strategy and targets previously set by the RSS, or to make changes.  In either case they will need to create a strategic context for themselves, including, but not limited to setting their own housing targets, so that they can progress their plans to adoption and get on with the delivery of development.

The POS Future of Planning portfolio advice note No. 2  "Planning Post RSS Revocation" is now available: click here


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