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Joint response by the BPF and POS to the DCLG consultation: Improving the use of planning conditions

Date: 2/11/2016

The British Property Federation (BPF) represents the commercial real estate sector - an industry with a market value of £1,662bn which contributed more than £94bn to the economy in 2014. We promote the interests of those with a stake in the UK built environment, and our membership comprises a broad range of owners, managers and developers of real estate as well as those who support them. Their investments help drive the UK's economic success; provide essential infrastructure and create great places where people can live, work and relax.

The Planning Officers Society (POS) is the single credible voice for public sector planning practitioners, pursuing good quality and effective planning practice. The Society's aim is to ensure that planning makes a major contribution to achieving sustainable development in ways that are fair and equitable, and achieving the social, economic and environmental aspirations of all sectors of the community.

The BPF and POS welcome the implementation of best practice in the use and imposition of planning conditions. The objective of local planning authorities (LPAs), endorsed by applicants and acknowledged by the BPF, is to grant planning permission wherever a project is in accordance with development plan policies, or where material considerations indicate a decision should be made otherwise. The use of conditions is incredibly important to both applicants and LPAs to achieving this objective. The possible revision of national policy in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and guidance in the national Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) in this area should be explored further, instead of using primary legislation via the Neighbourhood Planning Bill to inflexibly limit or prevent the use of certain types of conditions. The value and benefits of using concisely worded and proportionate conditions to achieve good place-making should be articulated and communicated more widely too. The BPF and POS are both well-positioned and keen to assist in this process.


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