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Land value capture inquiry

Date: 2/3/2018

The history of attempts to capture the increase in land value resulting from central or local government actions such as the grant of planning permission, the allocation of land for development, or the provision of infrastructure has been somewhat chequered. For the record, since World War 2 we have had:

  • The Uthwatt Report into Compensation and Betterment
  • The 1947 Planning Act which introduced a development charge to capture planning gain only for it to be abolished by the 1954 Town and Country Planning Act.
  • The Compulsory Purchase Act 1965 provided for compulsory acquisition of land
  • The Town and Country Planning Act 1971 introduced the S52 agreement to secure 'planning gain', later to be replaced by S106 of the 1990 act.
  • The Community Land Act 1975 allowed for development land to be taken into public control
  • The Development Land Tax Act 1976 attempted to tax development value. Both the 1975 CLA and 1976 DLT were ineffective and little use was made of their provisions.
  • The 2008 Planning Act which introduced the Community Infrastructure Levy activated by the CIL Regulations 2010. This followed a number of iterations in the early 2000s such as the Optional Planning Charge and the Planning Gain Supplement. 
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