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POS response to House of Commons Inquiry into the Revocation of RSSs

Date: 15/9/2010

The Planning Officers Society response on the abolition of regional spatial strategies for the Select Committee inquiry:

Summary of Response by the Planning Officer Society;

  • The needs of local people, as well as people outside the area with housing needs, should be taken into account in the local determination of housing targets.
  • The replacement of regional house building targets by financial incentives is likely to be ineffective in terms of realising the house building rates needed to kick start and maintain economic recovery.
  • The extraction of non energy minerals and provision for the management/disposal of waste are not generally welcome neighbours. In the absence of a strategic context, local authorities could well make uninformed decisions that disregard the wider consequences of their actions.
  • At a time when local authority resources will be stretched as never before there may be more incentive to work sub-regionally if authorities recognise that to do so will better enable them to defend their plans.
  • The evidence on which the abolished RSSs were based remains valid and should be taken into consideration, thus the extensive evidence base must be preserved and maintained; the solution to this predicament chosen by South West Councils is recommended.

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