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Tackling partial not-spots in mobile phone coverage - consultation response

Date: 25/11/2014

POS supports the principle of increasing mobile phone coverage as this directlybenefits small and large businesses across the UK. Infrastructure such as this should be provided to support the economy.

Although POS cannot comment on the practicality of delivering services through infrastructure sharing, we thoroughly support this approach. Telecommunication masts and other associated equipment can be controversial when assessing whether planning permission should be granted, especially considering locations in the countryside (likely to correspond with not-spot areas). POS would encourage providers wherever possible to share sites, masts and equipment to reduce the proliferation of equipment in an area. If an applicant can demonstrate that only one mast is proposed in an area rather than two or three this may weigh in support of the proposal and appease concern of  a proliferation of masts in an area.

Although not directly related to not-spots POS would like to take this opportunity to urge providers to share infrastructure in urban as well as rural areas. The reduction of equipment required in an urban area could dramatically improve the character and appearance of areas by removing street clutter. Any necessary equipment should always be positioned in the least sensitive locations.

We hope you find the above response useful and please do not hesitate to contact us ifyou require any further information.  

Sara Whelan Policy Manager, Planning Officers Society, Email:

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