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AVs can help transform our towns and streets

Date: 3/6/2016

According to the notes accompanying the Queen's Speech a Modern Transport Bill is proposed to encourage potential investors in autonomous vehicles (AVs) and ensure "appropriate insurance is available" to support their use. The notes add: "We expect to see vehicles driving themselves later this year."

Paul Seddon, Head of Planning at Nottingham City Council and the Planning Officers' Society's placemaking specialist, told Planning magazine that AVs "can help with the transformation of our towns and streets" over the next ten to 15 years, but are "just one of the ingredients to help do that".

He said that if AVs were to have a "transformational" impact on places, they needed to be kept under "a degree of control" by public bodies so that they could be integrated with other forms of transport. But he warned that the removal of parking spaces could impact on the viability of some office developments in the Midlands and North, given the appeal of parking provision to potential occupiers, which could create an income stream for developments.

PaulSeddon_web.jpg  Paul Seddon

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