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15 per cent Planning Fees Increase Better Than Nothing Says POS

Date: 4/7/2012

In a written statement issued on 3rd July, Greg Clark said that the government is proposing a "one-off adjustment to up-rate fees in line with inflation, amounting to around 15 per cent since 2008".  Clark said that the government intends to introduce new fee regulations that would make the change come into force in the Autumn.

POS Spokesperson, John Silvester, told Planning magazine "we had hoped that the long forecast local fee setting would be introduced; but this is better than nothing. Local fee setting would enable authorities to better gear themselves to delivering growth. Nevertheless this 15% increase is welcomed."

Malcolm Sharp, President of the Society, said "this announcement is long overdue especially in the light of hard pressed planning authorities fighting for resources with other colleagues in local government following the very severe funding settlement. This is at a time when LPAs are faced with delivering up the updated planning system including up to date local plans in the light of NPPF, supporingt neighbourhood planning and getting CIL in place - all at the same time!"

Sharp went on to say "whist this helps moving to full recovery; local fee setting would have been even better and something which will need to be revisited as soon as possible to enable LPAs to deliver the positive proactive service the Government is so keen to promote. Many LPAs are already delivering in adversity and if properly resourced so much more could be achieved."


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