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Brownfield planning proposals an end to local democracy?

Date: 15/7/2015

"The Chancellor's proposals for brownfield land could mean an end to local democracy" said John Silvester the Communications Manager and a former President of the Planning Officers Society.

Under proposals announced by George Osborne automatic planning permission would be granted on many brownfield sites in England in an attempt to boost house-building.

"How this could mean 'local people will still have a say' as has been suggested, is difficult to comprehend if permission is to be automatic" questioned Silvester.

A detailed report has yet to be issued by the Government laying out how these arrangements would operate in practice. "We hope we may yet have some input to the detailsed proposals" Silvester hoped.

JDS260914_web.jpg John Silvester

Silvester spoke further to Inside Housing and stated he was concerned about the possible prospect of of losing the opportunity for s106 agreements and the provision of essential affordable housing.

In response to a query from The ENDS Report, Silvester believed the whole thing was "rather bizarre in that not only would local accountabilty be lost but the opportunity for infrastructure provision could also be negated."

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