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Changes to local plans likely as result of starter homes initiative

Date: 15/1/2016

The government's Starter Homes initiative redefines the definition of affordable homes  and could result in big changes to local plans.

Stephen Hill, the secretary of the Society's Development Management Network,  said to Planning magazine that there is a concern that local plans may need to be revisited in light of the Starter Homes policy. "An unintended consequence could be that it delays local plans because they have to revisit this issue or it results in a number of reviews of local plans that have not long been passed," he says.

Anna Rose, the Society's Senior Vice President and Service Director Planning & Transport at Milton Keynes Council, said  "the Starter Homes initiative is still an are of uncertainty. For example, we don't know what proportion of our sites will be expected to deliver these homes and whether we will still be able to provide rented accommodation to meet our growing needs. We have planned for significant growth in Milton Keynes, and changing the definition of affordable housing could mean that a lot of work goes into renegotiating delivery on sites."

"We risk planning and delivering a type of housing that is defined as affordable and yet doesn't meet any locally identified need," Rose added.

Anna Rose_web.jpgAnna Rose

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