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Few authorities with specific policies for ageing population

Date: 10/3/2017

Over-65s are set to be England's fastest-growing age group; Planning magazine asks how well are councils planning for this change? POS responds.

Sara Whelan, policy manager at the Planning Officers Society, says many local authorities are likely to have focused their attention on meeting general housing need and responding to Whitehall directives targeted at young people and first-time buyers: "That has really been the push from government." But she suggests that increasing awareness of the ageing population means policies aimed at older people will most likely emerge during the current wave of local plan preparation.

Whelan also highlights the need to think beyond targets and site allocations. In areas where planning policies for older people have been produced, she notes, councils have also sought to identify the type of housing most in demand.

SaraWhelan.jpg Sara Whelan


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