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Government should act more like a critical friend

Date: 20/5/2016

LPAs in England that have failed to produce a local plan by early 2017 face the prospect of central government intervening to speed up the process.

Extensive and heavy-handed intervention would bring widespread conflict with local authorities. In light of this, Stephen Tapper, the POS Local & Neighbourhood Planning Specialist, told Planning magazine he urges central government to "act more like a critical friend, rather than staging a complete takeover".

StephenTapper_web.jpg  Stephen Tapper

The consultancy Savills looked into how many English planning authorities do not have a plan that is demonstrably compliant with the NPPF - meaning one that has been examined since publication of the NPPF in March 2012. Savills found that two-thirds of local authorities lack such a plan, and 28 - ten per cent of English councils outside of London - have not even begun the process of producing one. These 28 authorities are "highly unlikely" to meet the government's deadline,

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