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Greater incentives to draw up local plans could help

Date: 7/10/2015

An expert panel has been set up to advise on streamlining the local plans system. POS has already offered to assist - see the President's letter.

Mike Kiely, Chair of the Society, told Planning magazine that the review would probably "bring about detailed changes" as to the recommendations of such exercises "tend to get implemented" by the government.

A lack of resources has already been suggested as one of the main reasons why authorities are lagging behind in adopting a local plan. Kiely argues that some smaller authorities cannot justify spending valuable resources on the expertise needed for some elements of local plans. "This is another reason for closer collaboration between authorities," he told Planning. He also suggested that greater incentives to draw up plans could help get over some of the political differences. "Plan preparation has stalled, or has been given low priority in some districts because they cannot get over some of the political differences at or between neighbouring authorities," he added.

MikeKiely3web.jpg Mike Kiely

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