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Green Belt releases need to be managed properly

Date: 20/11/2015

The Society's Sarah Platts and Catriona Riddell comment in response to a query from Planning magazine regarding the implications of two recent Home Counties SHMA studies (Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire and East Hertfordshire/West Essex), both of which have pointed to councils' inability to meet objectively-assessed housing need without taking land out of the Green Belt.

Sarah Platts, Convenor for the Society's South East Region, said "POS is supporting the local authorities across the wider South East in helping them to work proactively with the GLA on meeting any potential housing shortfall."

Catriona Riddell, POS Strategic Planning Subject Specialist, said "In some parts of the South East this may well result in a review of Green Belt locally.  However, the Metropolitan Green Belt around London plays a vital strategic role and it is important that any major review is done at that level to prevent the incremental loss of Green Belt and to ensure that the long term growth of London and neighbouring areas is sustainable.  Both these SHMAs demonstrate the potential scale of growth needed and the impact this could have on the Green Belt if its release is not managed properly."

catriona-riddell-pos.jpg Catriona Riddell

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