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Local Plans Expert Group Report supports much of POS representations

Date: 17/3/2016

The Local Plans Expert Group's report has been published and identifies a series of  measures which would reduce a number of the more burdensome and unnecessary obligations on the plan maker.

Stewart Murray, President of POS said: "The Planning Officers Society has engaged early and constructively with the Government's Local Plan Expert Panel and Review and very much welcomes the key findings and core recommendations of the Panel. The three key themes of shorter, faster, more effective on growth and proper community engagement, are in line with POS Manifesto objectives for Plan Making. This is a thorough and robust review and set of recommendations which POS encourages the Government to endorse and take forward into reforms in local plan regulations as soon as possible."

Andrew Wright, the General Manager of POS Enterprises the Society's trading arm, highlighted that the report included reference to the service offered by POS Enterprises which provides a tailored service to authorities.  The report includes the statement that  'We were provided with copies of such early reviews and we consider them to be off very high quality and of genuine value to the receiving authority.'

John Silvester, the Society's Communications Manageralso noted that the recommendations include that 'DCLG should undertake a review with PINS, PAS, DCN and POS to put in place a system which ensures that sufficient resources are available from certified providers to undertake this [early MOT] service.' 

StewartMurray_Pres_web.jpg Stewart Murray AWright_web.jpg Andrew Wright JDS260914_web.jpg John Silvester

  • read the LPEG report and its many appendices click here
  • DCLG are inviting representations on the report of the Local Plans Expert Group which was presented to Ministers on 16 March 2016. Comments should be made no later than 27 April 2016 click here


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