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Local housing markets may diversify

Date: 5/6/2015

Plans to extend the Right to Buy to housing association tenants could place councils under pressure to approve unsuitable schemes, says Planning magazine.

Mike Kiely, POS Chair, said he believes that councils and housing associations could fulfil the anticipated Right to Buy commitments if the funding enables one-for-one provision. "People who want to buy will come forward soon, so there will be a lag between sales and availabiliity of replacements," he said. "

Many councils are already returning to housebuilding. Once a pipeline of housing association sales emerges, it ought to be possible to step that up by the required amount." Kiely told Planning that the development of mixed-tenure schemes, possibly, incorporating council housing, private rented homes and replacement housing association properties, may diversify local markets and meet the challenges of the expanded Right to Buy.

MikeKiely3web.jpg Mike Kiely

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