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POS Comments on Research into Rural Housing Affordability

Date: 7/9/2010

DEFRA commissioned Colin Buchanan and University College London to conduct a study into rural housing affordability. The study findings have just been released

John Silvester, Spokesperson for the Planning Officers Society, told Planning magazine "as this research study found that the predominant view was that the needs of local people, as well as people outside the area with housing needs, should be taken into account in the allocation of local affordable housing this bodes well for the local determination of housing targets not being merely a NIMBY charter".

Silvester added, "This fascinating study actually reinforces the Society's suggested  Community Right to Plan, as an alternative to the Community Right to Build, that could be part of the proposed neighbourhood planning initiative."

john-silvester-02-pos.jpg John Silvester, POS Spokesperson & Publicity Officer

See the Executive Summary of the Research Study findings - click here.

See the POS Community Right to Build media release - click here.


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