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POS Issues Response to Conservative Party Green Paper no 9

Date: 11/3/2009

In general the Society is supportive of the proposals that seek to provide greater local autonomy; however, the Society highlights concerns in regard to four matters, namely:

• The creation of incentives for local communities to accept higher levels of housing growth;
• The apparent disappearance of any form of strategic planning;
• The details of the arrangements for replacing process targets with standardised information; and
• The proposal for referendums, if they were to relate to planning applications

The Society has given careful consideration to this paper and its comments are set out in a detailed response. The Society’s observations are restricted to matters that relate or appear to relate to the planning system, and those aspects affecting local government, that are likely to be of interest to our members.

Phil Kirby, President of the Society, said “We have also offered the Society to organise a summit of national bodies active in the sector, with your participation, to stimulate and focus discussion on these important issues.”



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