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POS Provides Summary of NPPF and an Initial Response

Date: 28/3/2012

The Rt.Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Cities, Decentralisation and Planning, presented the final version of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in a ministerial statement to the House of Commons on 27th March 2012. Clark's statement described the local plan as the "keystone of the planning edifice" and emphasised the high-level of discretion that local authorities will exercise following the removal of centrally imposed development targets.

John Silvester, Spokesperson for POS, says:

  • "in the final draft of the NPPF, the line which stipulated that the default answer to development proposals should be 'yes' has been removed; this is most welcome. The additional clarity regarding the three dimensions of sustainability is also welcomed."
  • "whilst we had lobbied for a 2 year transitional period, this one year allowance for the implementation of the NPPF is welcomed. LPAs will now need to get their act together quickly in order to get their plans to comply."
  • "we particularly welcome the change that means an authority may now make an allowance for windfall sites in the five-year supply if they 'have compelling evidence that such sites have consistently become available in the local area and will continue to provide a reliable source of supply'; this has been a bête noire for many authorities."

POS has produced a summary of the key aspects of the NPPF and made an initial response. Read it here.

A more considered response and briefing paper has subsequently been prepared on behalf of the LGA >> read more

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