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POS Says Further Work is Needed on the New Planning Technical Guidance

Date: 11/10/2013

POS is about to submit its full response to the new on-line planning technical guidance and John SIlvester, Society Spokesperson, told Planning magazine thatt "for the most part we believe the new guidance provides useful clarification and amplification of the NPPF; however, there are some parts where we feel further work is needed, such as with the housing assessments."

MIke Kiely, Society President, said "POS supports the NPPF/NPPG approach of a succinct statement of national planning policy and practice guidance as to how to apply that policy in an accessible and easily updated web resource. There are a number of issues over the design and functionality of the site, but we are confident these will be resolved."

Kiely added "Despite a 90% reduction in content there is still a lot of material in NPPG and six weeks has not been enough time to look at it all in detail. We have therefore concentrated on some key areas in our response. We are promised an annual review of NPPG so we hope that the first review acknowledges this and will accordingly be a more thorough and wider ranging review."

Kiely concluded by saying "Going forward it is important that additions to the NPPF/NPPG are handled well:

  • Routine changes should be communicated to "subscribers" via email
  • Major changes should receive more publicity - eg CPO letters
  • New "ad-hoc" policies (eg Minster's answers in the House) must be added to these repositories in a timely way and appropriately communicated."

The full POS response will be available soon.


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