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POS Welcomes Penfold Review Final Report

Date: 2/7/2010

The final report of the Penfold Review has been published and identifies a number of opportunities to clarify what should be viewed as material to planning and non-planning consents and to remove duplication between them. More broadly, recognising the centrality of planning in deciding whether a development can go ahead opens up the possibility of merging some non-planning consents with planning and moving to a more integrated model that can evolve incrementally in the coming years.

Paul Watson, the POS Vice President Emeritus and Society representative on the review working group, said:

"Whilst much has been done in recent years to modernise and simplify the planning system, little attention has been given to the multitude of non-planning consents that link closely with the delivery of new development. The Penfold Review has looked carefully at individual regimes and, critically, at the interface between planning and non-planning consents and makes some sensible recommendations. I welcome this report on behalf of the Planning Officers Society and believe that the recommendations, if carefully & fairly implemented, would help all concerned to more effectively & sensitively manage the scrutiny & implementation of proposed development from concept to completion."

Paul_Watson.jpg Paul Watson

The report is available at  http://www.berr.gov.uk/assets/biscore/better-regulation/docs/p/10-1027-penfold-review-final-report.pdf

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