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POS respond to the Government's Housing White Paper

Date: 7/2/2017

We welcome the recognition that all players in the sector have to do their bit to increase the construction of housing that there is no "silver bullet" to solve the crisis.  POS particularly welcomes the recognition that Councils need the tools to be more proactive in delivering housing, especially in situations where sites are stalled or land banked.  We have been working on some key changes that are needed to the CPO process to enable this.  Today we launch our latest Manifesto Paper Compulsory Purchase: three essential improvements.  These are:

1. A specific new CPO power to acquire stalled housing sites

2. A new Compulsory Selling Order provision

3. Modernising the compensation regime

Mike Kiely, Chair of the Society said today:  "These changes will improve CPO as a tool to enable local planning authorities to be both more proactive in unlocking sites with housing potential and to optimise their ability to leverage more of the value created from a planning permission into supporting the delivery of sustainable development, particularly funding necessary supporting infrastructure". 

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