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POSCAs winners 2009

Date: 15/5/2009

Two winners shared the first Planning Officers Society Contribution Award (POSCA), established to recognise members' exceptional contributions to its work.

Staffordshire CC head of development & waste planning Paul Wilcox and Dorset CC head of countryside & business development dave Ayre received their award fromPresident Phil Kirby at the Society's spring conference held in Broadland, Norfolk.

Cheshire east Council's Philippa Lowe, Westminster City Council's director of planning Rosemarie MacQueen and the London Borough of harrow's Frank Stocks made up the list of nominees.

The scheme is designed to stimulate interest in getting planners involved in the Society's activities. Phil Kirby said We are approaching 850 members in no fewer than 314 local authorities around the country and public organisations working in the sector. We can rightly style ourselves as the credible voice of public sector planning.


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