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Planning is a vital, yet undervalued service, key to improved prosperity

Date: 18/8/2015

Planning minister Brandon Lewis has told a newspaper that he has 'no sympathy' with local authorities 'whingeing' about a lack of resources for planning. 

POS is firmly of the view that the Government quite rightly sees planning as a key contributor to economic recovery; but the facts speak for themselves:

  • According to the National Audit Office the largest cuts in Local Govt expenditure 2009/10-2014/5 were in planning (46%).
  • This was confirmed by the Institute of Fiscal Studies which found that expenditure on planning in 2014/5 was less than half that in 2009/10.
  • According to PAS planning fees underecover costs by 40%.

Graham Jones, a former POS President , said "No one should be surprised that both the BPF and HBF are asking for better resourced planning departments to bring forward local plans and provide efficient development management, both Govermentt priorities. An increase in planning fees (at no cost to the exchequer) would be a step in the right direction.'

John Silvester, another former Society President and current Comunications Manager, added that "planning is a vital, if under valued service, that is key to improving prosperity and meeting housing needs; but  local plans do need to be put in place and a quality DM service provided."

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