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Poorly Performing Planning Authorities are in the Minority, Says POS

Date: 15/10/2012

'Special measures' allowing developers to bypass council planning departments will be imposed on those that consistently take 'much too long' with decisions or are consistently being overturned on appeal, the Planning Minister has said. So reported Planning magazine.

"Poorly performing authorirties are in the minority" Society Spokeperson John Silvester told Planning "and the Government should be doing all it positively can to get them to improve rather than slagging them off" he added. 

Planning Minister Nick Boles told the fringe session at the Conservative Party conference: "There will be some provisions to put those local authorities into temporary special measures if one of two things is happening. Either they are taking much too long, consistently, not just on one application or another, but consistently, or they are consistently being overturned on appeal. Because that's basically saying they are not implementing policy."

Silvester remarked "Planning officers should remind their members to always act reasonably and only cite valid planning reasons in determining applications or accept the consequences."

POS is prepared to help such LPAs get better by assisting with good practice guidance >> read more

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