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Pressing need for planning fee increase

Date: 30/8/2017

The shortfall between the revenue received from planning application fees and full cost of processing them will cost local taxpayers in England £1 billion over the next five years, unless changes are made, the LGA claims, reports Planning magazine.

The Planning Officers Society, which represents senior local authority planning officers, said that it was confident that the government woudl press forward with the planning fee increase.

"The government has made a commitment to build 1.5 million homes by 2022," said POS President Steve Ingram. "So the need for well-resourced local authority planning teams is never going to be more urgent". 

Ingram said it was as yet unclear whether the regulations would introduce an immediate fee increase. He warned that any delay could present a "challenge" to planning teams that had budgeted on the basis that the increase would have been implemented on schedule in July.

John Silvester, the Society's Communications Manager and former President, told Planning "it's only right that those who benefit from the increase in property value should bear the cost of the application."

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