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Self-build registers will create false impression

Date: 12/2/2016

Planning magazine reports that the new rules requiring local authorities to keep a self- and custon-build register could be an extra burden for planning departments.

Mike Kiely, Chair of the POS Board, told a reporter that anyone from anywhere could apply to be on a register "even if they have no realistic means to build their own home". He said : "It's the difference between demand and need. Rather than someting that could have captured a realistic need for self-build, this will just create a false impression. In theory, there's nothing to stop you putting your name down on every list in the country."

Kiely said that POS expects a small application fee to be required for every entry to the register, to fliter out those not committed to building their own home and to cover administration. He also said that creating and maintaining the registers, while not a huge undertaking, would add to the burden of under-resourced planning teams.

MikeKiely3web.jpg Mike Kiely

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