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Assessing quality not something to be measured in numbers

Date: 24/11/2016

The Minister has announced revised criteria that the Secretary of State intends to use for designating a local planning authority as underperforming and the thresholds that authorities will be assessed against in the next designation round in the first quarter of 2017.

The performance thresholds get steadily more onerous and new quality ones are introduced, yet John Silvester, the Society's Communications Manager and former President, said "the new quality targets are hardly that at all, all they intend to do is measure the proportion of the total decisions made by the lpa on applications that are then subsequently overturned at appeal."

Silvester added that the Society had in the past suggested more realisic quality measures such as assessing the added value made by planning officers in improving an application charted against its original form. "We have always recognised that assessing quality is not something that you can measure in terms of numbers, but rather in terms of the benefits delivered by the development" he commented.

JDS260914_web.jpg John Silvester

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