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Authorities Missing Out in CIL Income Potential, Says POS

Date: 6/6/2014

Since 24 February 2014, self-buid extensions have been exempt from CIL contributions, while a relaxation of the "vacancy test" rules will make it easier to minimise contributions from schemes involving redevrelopment of empty buildings.

Graham Jones, the Planning Officers Society's CIL & Infrastructure Planning Specialist, told Planning magazine that the changes were part of an ongoing "watering down" of the levy's benefits that would make it "less financially attractive for local authorities".

"Over a period, some authorities are going to miss out in terms of hundreds of thousands of pounds, and they'll be losing that income from developments that are still going to generate a need for infrastructure," he said.

Jones also said that the financial hit would be the cumalative effect of lost payments ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, but "quite a lot" of administrative work by council officers would still be needed to determine developments' CIL status.

graham_jones2.jpg Graham Jones

Nick Boles, the Planning Minister, has said the latest changes were deliberate to "help people build their own homes, encourage regeneration of brownfield land and empty buildings, and help accelerate complex land assembly projects."

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