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Authorities likely to see their implied housing need figures rise

Date: 29/9/2017

Planning magazine reports that three-quarters of authorities could be in line for potential punitive measures under the first phase of the government's proposed housing delivery test, but the timetable for the introduction of the mechanism is uncertain 

Planning Officers Society President Steve Ingram said that many authorities are likely to face the double whammy of seeing their implied housing need figures rise as a result of the standard methodology, as well as potential sanctions under the delivery test. Some authorities, he said, could find the figures thrown up by the standard housing need methodology "incredibly challenging".

"If they are then faced with the rigour of the delivery test against that, it's going to be a difficult time." Ingram added that, if the government "is going to put the onus on local authorities to grant permissions", then it must also ensure that authorities have the tools to ensure housing is delivered, and is of the right design and build quality. "If this is a trigger to allow poor quality housing to come forward, that will undermine faith in the planning system," Ingram warned.

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