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Authorities need clear spending plans and priorities for CIL

Date: 18/8/2017

Planning magazine  reveals that councils have collected tens of millions of pounds in Community Infrastructure Levy receipts, but only a small proportion has so far been spent on infrastructure.

Graham Jones, the CIL spokesman at the Planning Officers Society, which represents senior local authority planning officers, points out that it takes time to build up funds for infrastructure. "Say you need £5 million for a highway junction to open up a housing site. You're better off waiting a couple of years until you have that amount, rather than spending £1 million a year on smaller items that won't have the same impact. We wouldn't want a system that prescribes when you have to spend your CIL receipts, forcing local authorities to spend them on low-priority items."

Jones says: "Authorities that have clear spending plans and clear priorities are inevitably much better at spending money. Some authorities are waiting to see how much money they get before deciding what to spend it on."

graham_jones2.jpg Graham Jones, former POS President

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