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Big push on small sites

Date: 1/2/2018

Planning magazine reports that the government is looking at ever-increasing ways to boost housing delivery, and is increasingly promoting the development of smaller sites.

Smaller sites can also be brought forward more rapidly than larger strategic developments, say commentators, allowing local planning authorities to meet housing targets. "The dominance of big urban extensions hasn't led to the delivery levels that we'd want to see. They're not the answer on their own," says Anna Rose, head of the Local Government Association's Planning Advisory Service and former POS President. Nicky Linihan, housing delivery specialist at the Planning Officers Society, agrees: "Small sites bring development forward much more quickly. They don't have the same infrastructure needs."

Linihan also commented:"it's quite resource-intensive to identify small sites. You have to demonstrate that sites are suitable and deliverable." Having to meet a target such as that proposed in the draft London Plan is very prescriptive at a time when local authorities are stretched, she added.

Nicky Linihan_web May17.jpg Nicky Linihan

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